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The Replica of the Great Imperial Crown unveiled to the world on January 31, 2013, was created by Kristall Smolensk diamonds, a Russia-based ...
02/07/2017 02:10The Imperial Crown of Russia to Steal the Show at IDWI    ( IDEX Online )
The replica of the Crown was created by Kristall-Smolensk, Russia's leading diamond manufacturer in honor of its 250th anniversary, and is being ...
02/07/2017 02:10FSB explains reason for introduction of border zone on frontier with Belarus    ( TASS )
... media after the FSB director issued an order to create a border zone on the border with Belarus in Russia's Smolensk, Pskov and Bryansk regions.
02/03/2017 05:10Belarus views decision to set up border zone as Russia's internal affair    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
“The decision of Russia's competent authorities to set up a border zone along the Russian-Belarusian border in Pskov Oblast, Smolensk Oblast and ...
02/02/2017 04:45Bison on the move    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
Azerbaijan also shows interest in Belarus-bread bison. In the photo: Ozery is preparing to transport the bison to the National Park in Smolensk, Russia.
01/18/2017 02:00Poland's Diplomats Not Admitted To Russia From Belarus    ( Charter 97 )
The diplomats from Poland were denied entry to the territory of Smolensk ... The border guard said that Russia and Belarus agreed to harmonize the ...
01/11/2017 14:05Open dialogue between youth unions to kick start new Belarus-Russia projects    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
VITEBSK, 10 January (BelTA) – The Smolensk public organization of the Russian Youth Union and the Vitebsk Oblast Committee of the Belarusian ...
01/06/2017 20:40Russia's military victories aren't just thanks to “General Frost”    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
Russia's victories over Napoleon's Grande Armee as well as Hitler's Nazi machine have often been attributed to the Russian winter, but giving too ...
12/23/2016 15:35Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Stalin's Lengthening Shadow    ( Satellite PR News (press release) )
Twenty-five years after that, visiting Russia in October, I found Stalin again on the agenda. This time, though, Russian officials exhibited not the ...
12/10/2016 00:30Orban: Poles and Hungarians are joined by brotherhood of blood    ( )
Poles and Hungarians have been joined by a brotherhood of blood since the revolution of 1956, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in ...
12/08/2016 00:20Associations of Orthodox women of Vitebsk region and Russia's Smolensk sign cooperation ...    ( TVR )
The cooperation agreement signed by the Orthodox women's associations of the Vitebsk region and Russia's Smolensk involves cultural exchanges ...
11/30/2016 09:15Russia fully deploys 2 new divisions near Western border    (Kyiv Post)
Russia Associated Press: Russia fully deploys 2 new divisions near Western border - Kyiv Post
11/29/2016 13:30Poland slams Russia over Smolensk probe comments    (ABC News)
How Poland Is Recovering From a Real-Life 'Designated Survivor' Situation - ABC News
11/18/2016 00:30Combat Zone MMA returns to Manchester    ( The Union Leader )
Clay, who was born in Smolensk, Russia, and fights out of Team Triumph in Nashua, is coached by the highly respected John Fain and is the 20th of ...
11/14/2016 06:20An Iron Wind: Europe Under Hitler    ( The National Interest Online )
Dead bodies were a daily sight in Smolensk, as elsewhere in German-occupied Russia; men, women, and children were shot simply for violating ...
11/05/2016 18:00Poland's claim that Egypt sold Mistrals to Russia irks France    ( MINA )
Poland's claim that Egypt sold Mistrals to Russia irks France ... near Smolensk in 2010 was actually an assassination that the cabinet of Donald Tusk ...
11/04/2016 01:50Smoleńsk film to be shown in Berlin after 'senseless' cancellation    ( )
Directed by veteran Polish director Antoni Krauze, the movie focuses on the fatal 10 April 2010 crash in Smolensk, western Russia, of a Polish ...
11/02/2016 10:05Long-gone Russian Empire: Small towns in colorful archive photos    ( Russia and India Report )
Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky was a Russian photographer best known for his pioneering work in color ... Avraamiev Monastery in the city of Smolensk.
10/28/2016 02:15Long-gone Russian Empire: Small towns in colorful archive photos    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
... Prokudin-Gorsky joined Russia's photography section of the Imperial Russian Technical Society. / Avraamiev Monastery in the city of Smolensk.
10/19/2016 01:35Russian embassy in US compares Aleppo to battle for Stalingrad    ( Middle East Eye )
The tweet also included images of Smolensk, the western Russian city that was almost entirely destroyed during the war, and Sevastopol in the ...


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